Nussbaum provides truckload services, dedicated contract carriage, and third party logistics throughout the United States.

Our people, equipment, and core services deliver on-time, cost-effective, and customized solutions for every transportation need across multiple industries.

With Nussbaum you cans sreamline your transportation needs with a dedicated fleet that specializes in fuel efficient tractors, state of the art operations and technology, and a team of experts who know how to design optimum, innovative transportation solutions that maximize equipment use and driver time so you can advance your business.

Nussbaum will manage your supply chain from start to finish with a partner who knows the road. Nussbaum's 99% on-time delivery and 99.8% claim-free record means we're true to our word and safe in our travels. From logistics experts and seasoned drivers to responsive communications operators, Nussbaum's industry insight and perseverance ensure superior customer satisfaction.